COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus): Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Bluewater Health’s infection prevention and control protocols are in place at all times and are currently heightened with screening points for all patients, visitors, staff and physicians due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals are reminded to please continue to monitor their own health, wear a mask, practice proper hand hygiene often, avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, and to practice physical distancing.

A hospital-issued mask will be provided to you. You will be expected to use this mask to cover your nose, mouth and chin for the duration of your time in the hospital, unless your provider asks you to remove it. The hospital-issued masks meet current guidelines for masking to prevent COVID transmission.

The Bluewater Health emergency department is not a COVID-19 assessment centre. For information on asymptomatic and symptomatic testing please see Lambton Public Health's website. Please visit the emergency department if you are experiencing severe symptoms.


COVID-19-Patients currently in hospital

Bluewater Health COVID-19-Patients currently in hospital (as of May 18, 2023). Information is updated M-F, excluding stat holidays. 

Patients currently in hospital with confirmed COVID-19



To check dose eligibility, book an appointment, and get answers to your COVID-19 vaccine questions, see Lambton Public Health's website.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hospital During COVID-19

Q: Is the hospital safe?

A: Bluewater Health is taking all possible precautions to make the hospital as safe as possible. This includes visitor restrictions, personal protective equipment (PPE) mandates, physical distancing measures, universal masking and updated procedures. 

Q: How do I access the hospital sites?

A: At the Sarnia location, please park in the visitor parking lot or underground parking garage off of Russell Street. At the entrance, you will be screened by Bluewater Health staff. If you are being dropped off, please have the driver pull up to the Russell Street entrance doors where a staff member will assist you into the hospital. For those going to the Emergency Department, please use the entrance and parking lot on Norman Street. At Charlotte Eleanor Englehart (CEEH) there are two different entrances for patients and visitors. For those going to the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging, or Lab – please use the Emergency Department entrance. For patients of Dr. Wang and Dr. Shih – please use the Dufferin Street entrance.

Q: My appointment was cancelled – why and what do I do now?

A: If your appointment was cancelled, please wait for your physician’s office or Bluewater Health to call you and reschedule.  We are prioritizing patients based on urgency using an ethical framework.

Q: I have a confirmed procedure, treatment, or surgery at the hospital. What do I need to know?

A: Please see the patient handouts listed above, as well as the patient information handout for surgeries and procedures during COVID-19.

Q: I’ve been hospitalized and discharged for COVID-19. How do I continue my recovery from home?

A: Please see here for information about discharge planning and here for Public Health Ontario’s guidelines for self-isolation at home.

Q: Can I drop off food, flowers, or other items for my loved one?

A: You can! Personal belongings (limited to the essentials listed below) or food items, can be dropped off at the Russell Street entrance and a staff member will bring it to the patient floor. We can’t promise how quickly the items will get to the floor, though, so try and stay away from things like coffee or ice cream as food items will not be refrigerated or reheated on the units.

  • Aids: glasses, hearing, dentures, cane, shoes, gait aids
  • Cell phones/chargers, computers, tablets
  • Personal toiletries (new in package, if possible): soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, brush
  • Cultural: traditional medicine and prayer necessities
  • Unopened packaging or items placed in clear containers for cleaning

Q: Can I donate food to frontline staff?

A: Absolutely! Please email to coordinate that. 

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

Q: What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

A: Please see here for a list of COVID-19 symptoms from Public Health Ontario.

Q: How can I protect myself?

A: For information on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, please see this information from Public Health Ontario.

Q: Should extra precautions be taken by vulnerable populations (immunocompromised, seniors, pregnant women) to protect from this illness?

A: Please see here for information regarding seniors and COVID-19, here for information regarding pregnancy and COVID-19, and here for information regarding vulnerable populations and COVID-19.

Q: What does community transmission mean?

A: Please see here for more information regarding types of transmission of COVID-19.

Q: Is there a treatment or cure available for COVID-19?

A: There is currently no approved treatment or cure available for COVID-19. 

Travel-Related Inquiries for COVID-19

Please see here for Government of Canada information about travel restrictions, exemptions, and advice. 

Mental Health and COVID-19

Please see here for a coronavirus anxiety workbook.

Please see here for breathing exercises.

Please see here for guided imagery exercises. 

Tips for Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

Please see here for Public Health Ontario's COVID-19 Healthcare Resources.

Ontario COVID-19 Updates

Please see here for an updated status of COVID-19 cases in Ontario.

Please see here for the latest press release updates from the Ontario Government.

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