What to Expect at Bluewater Health

Paula Reaume-Zimmer

At Bluewater Health we expect your care to be exceptional and your experience to be positive. For more than 125 years. Bluewater Health and our  founding hospitals have been meeting the healthcare needs of the residents of Sarnia-Lambton. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed  to providing the highest quality of care to you and your family.

We take great pride In our legacy of patient care, quality and service, and It Is upon these strong foundations that we build on our Purpose: Health through partnership, Caring with kindness.

Before and during your stay, you may wonder what to expect. We hope the information in this handbook is helpful and addresses your questions and concerns. If you need more Information. Please talk to a member of your healthcare team.


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Paula Reaume-Zimmer
President and Chief Executive Officer

Patient Declaration of Values

Our Patient Declaration of Values describes the values that patients told us are most important to them.

As a patient at Bluewater Health, value that...

  • My family and I will be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness
  • You will keep me safe and protect me from harm
  • We will have honest and clear communication about my health and my care
  • You will know what to do to help me

These values are supported by Bluewater Health's Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient you have the right to…

  • Be treated with respect and courtesy
  • Receive the right care at the right time
  • Be cared for in a safe environment
  • Be cared for without discrimination
  • Know the names and roles of the people caring for you
  • Receive all Information necessary to make informed choices
  • Ask to see your health record
  • Be provided with an Interpreter, when necessary
  • Your privacy and confidentiality

As a patient you have a responsibility to...

  • Treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of others
  • Provide clear and important Information about your health condition
  • Ask questions If you don't understand
  • Tell us if you have any concerns about your care. so we can help you
  • Participate In your treatment
  • Accept the decisions that you make about your treatment
  • Follow all hospital rules and regulations

Our Focus on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigeneity (EDII)

At Bluewater Health, we have put our focus on creating a more equitable experience for our staff, patients, and families. Over the last 18 months, an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigeneity (EDII) Coalition was formed and is made up of over 30 dedicated members – representing staff, patients, families, and community partners.

The coalition is committed to creating and maintaining a culture of EDII for all persons directly or indirectly involved with Bluewater Health. The coalition is working to shape a workplace and hospital where everyone can say: I belong

Bluewater Health's EDII Coalition has also developed a formal commitment to address racism and discrimination within the hospital. A policy is also being created to back-up the ideals of the Commitment, including formal practices to deal with racist or discriminatory acts.

Click here to view the Commitment.

EDII Commitment
Bluewater Health's EDII Commitment


Achieving a culture of quality care and ensuring patient safety is a priority at Bluewater Health. A part of this quality care includes effective, open and honest communication between health care providers, patients and families.

Patients are entitled to information about the care received in their healthcare journey. In this information, it may include the risks that are inherent in healthcare delivery.

On the rare occasion that an adverse situation occurs, the patient has the right to receive the details of the event;  this information-sharing is referred to as disclosure. Here at Bluewater Health, we have a formal policy of disclosure which is a structured and transparent process that supports patients and families through risk events. We strive for quality care and patient safety and this disclosure policy helps to ensure that processes can be put in place to support the mitigation of risks with patient care.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process please contact the Patient Experience Office at patientexperience@bluewaterhealth.ca or call (519) 464-4436 for assistance and support.

Maps & Directions

Bluewater Health’s programs and services are distributed across two locations, Bluewater Health in Sarnia and Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health in Petrolia. 

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Emergency Care

Bluewater Health’s Emergency Department (ED) provides safe, quality emergency nursing and medical care to patients.

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Mental Health & Addictions Help

If you or a loved one needs support with mental health or addictions.

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Compliments & Concerns

We are always looking for ways to improve, and welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and concerns. If you’re in hospital, please speak to the hospital staff.

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Locate a Patient

Find or contact a patient by telephone, email or e-card.

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