Middlesex Hospital Alliance and Bluewater Health Enter into a Partnership to Ensure Comprehensive Urology Services

Wednesday, July 26, 2023 - 9:13am

Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) and Bluewater Health are pleased to announce a collaborative effort aimed at ensuring the continued provision of comprehensive and timely urology services to the communities the Middlesex Hospital Alliance serves.

In response to the retirement of MHA's sole urologist on June 30, 2023, MHA and Bluewater Health have initiated a one-year regional partnership to assess and address the need for urology care in the Strathroy and Newbury areas.

Under the new partnership, Bluewater Health will assume responsibility for the ongoing support of on-call urology services in Strathroy and Newbury areas ensuring that emergent and urgent urological referrals are addressed promptly and comprehensively. The arrangement will also support MHA and primary care providers in Strathroy and Newbury areas to send non-urgent referrals to Bluewater Health urologists.

This collaboration represents a joint commitment to maintaining the highest standard of care and ensuring that patients receive uninterrupted access to vital community hospital urological care. The MHA will work closely with Bluewater Health to facilitate a smooth transition of urology services.

“We are proud of this collaborative effort between Middlesex Hospital Alliance and Bluewater Health, as our dedicated team of urologists extends their support to patients in the Strathroy and Newbury area,” said Dr. Mike Haddad, Chief of Staff, Bluewater Health. “This partnership aims to enhance access to specialized urological care, ensuring that our communities receive the highest quality of healthcare.”

“Care that can be delivered in community hospitals – should be, and we look forward to this partnership with Bluewater Health and their team of urologists. Enhancing access to urology care to our community is at the heart of this decision, and over the next year, we look forward to hearing feedback from patients, families and healthcare providers on how these services are meeting their needs,” said Julie McBrien, President and CEO, Middlesex Hospital Alliance.

“During these challenging times related to health human resources, this innovative collaborative effort signifies a milestone in our shared commitment to enhancing healthcare services for all individuals within our communities. By leveraging our collective resources, expertise, and dedication, we are confident that this partnership will successfully address the current and evolving urological needs of our patients.”

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