New Executive Leader Named for Bluewater Health

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 - 10:51am

Continuing the Legacy of Quality Care and Experiences

SARNIA & PETROLIA – August 9, 2023 – Bluewater Health’s Vice President of Clinical Services, Laurie Zimmer, has announced her plans to retire on September 1, 2023. Bob DeRaad will be joining the Bluewater Health Executive Team as Laurie’s successor.

Zimmer has served as an executive leader with Bluewater Health since February of 2016 – and as a proud registered nurse for almost 40 years. During her time at Bluewater Health, Laurie co-launched the transformational No One Waits (NOW) initiative, successfully led the Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital (CEEH) of Bluewater Health Capital Redevelopment Project, and delivered results in a number of areas including the community paramedic program, community COVID-19 assessment centres and vaccination clinics, as well as the long-awaited helipad at Bluewater Health. Laurie’s leadership was also instrumental in bringing Indigenous navigation services to Bluewater Health. She has been a valued and respected leader at Bluewater Health, as well as throughout our region.

“Laurie’s passion for community partnerships and integrated health led to results-based success in a number of areas,” says Paula Reaume-Zimmer, President & CEO, Bluewater Health. “I would like to recognize and thank Laurie for her unwavering dedication and commitment to our patients, families, teams and colleagues, and community partners. We wish her all the best in this next chapter of her life.”

Bob DeRaad has a diverse career in healthcare, and a long history with Bluewater Health – most recently in the role of Director of Medicine and Rural Health for the past seven years. DeRaad was also the manager of the emergency department from 2006-2011. During his time at Bluewater Health, DeRaad has demonstrated continuous commitment to quality care, with a focus on developing high-functioning interdisciplinary teams. His dedication and leadership during the pandemic was instrumental. Bob has also led coordination of the Town of Petrolia/CEEH Capital Redevelopment Project, and built positive relationships with the community and key stakeholders.

DeRaad is a life-long learner dedicated to working collaboratively across all levels of the organization, earning his Master of Health Studies, and the Advanced Leadership degree from the Rotman School of Management. He is also a proud registered nurse.

“I am confident that Bob’s innovative and collaborative leadership approach will be a true asset to Bluewater Health and the Sarnia-Lambton community,” says Paula Reaume-Zimmer, President & CEO. “I’m looking forward to having Bob join our exceptional group of executive leaders at Bluewater Health.”

DeRaad will start his new executive role on September 1, 2023.

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