Patient Experience

Bluewater Health is committed to ensuring patients and families have the support they need for the best healthcare experience possible. Patients and their family members are encouraged to share feedback with any member of the healthcare team. 

Another resource is Bluewater Health’s Patient Experience Manager, who is available to come alongside patients to ensure they:

  • Are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Receive information they need in a way that is helpful.
  • Can participate in their care to the extent they are comfortable.
  • Can ensure their perspective helps shape the future experience of care for others.

Your concerns will receive our courteous and respectful attention at the earliest possible time.

The Patient Experience Manager acts as an unbiased resource for patients and families. Anyone can request the services of the Patient Experience Manager to assist with problem-solving and advocating. Indigenous patients, families and caregivers may choose to contact the Indigenous Patient Navigator at 519-464-4400 Ext. 8815. More information is available on our website on the Indigenous Navigation Services page.

Equitable Access for All

Equitable Access for All - Guide to Queer Health: This tool has been implemented on units across our hospital. The LGBTQ2+ population faces many barriers in healthcare, such as subtle discrimination (using the wrong name, pronouns, gender, etc.) and healthcare providers’ lack of knowledge. This quick reference guide was created to provide healthcare providers with information about the LGBTQ2+ population and the patients they are caring for, and can help them feel more confident, comfortable, and prepared to provide competent care to LGBTQ2+ patients. Click here to access the Guide to Queer Health. 


Alison Coy
Manager, Patient Experience

Bluewater Health
89 Norman Street, Sarnia, ON N7T 6S3

Hours & Contact

Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tel: 519-464-4436
If calling from a Bluewater Health phone, please dial Ext. 4436.


Maps & Directions

Bluewater Health’s programs and services are distributed across two locations, Bluewater Health in Sarnia and Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health in Petrolia. 

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Emergency Care

Bluewater Health’s Emergency Department (ED) provides safe, quality emergency nursing and medical care to patients.

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Mental Health & Addictions Help

If you or a loved one needs support with mental health or addictions.

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Compliments & Concerns

We are always looking for ways to improve, and welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and concerns. If you’re in hospital, please speak to the hospital staff.

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Locate a Patient

Find or contact a patient by telephone, email or e-card.

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